Slice of Life Day 9



I am inspired by the writing space of a wonderful slicer at

She describes a most beautiful writing environment and as I said to her in my comment to her SOL day 8 post, “I am jealous. Seriously jealous.”

My writing space is my bed: pile of clothes lazily thrown on the floor. Dresser stacked with “important” dust covered papers that need my “immediate” attention. Right. Bedside table covered with the cascading stack of my daughter’s birthday invitations, the ones with the misprint that we aren’t using. Still there from two weeks ago.  OH, and lest we forget the “musical accompaniment” of the Cops or Roseanne theme songs playing on the tv, the vision would not be complete in my reader’s mind.

It is not pretty, my writing space.  It is not soothing. I crave a space of my own.

Let’s explore my other options…

One dining room table: uncomfortable wooden chairs, not really my space but everyone’s space, covered with the decimated remains of Valentine mailboxes and bags with valentine cards and assorted candies strewn about.

One family room couch: comfortable sort of, baby toys piled high to my right, stuffed animal zoo to my left.

One kitchen table: lacking any sort of comfortableness at all, surrounded by windows so there’s a definite chill in the air, crumbs from breakfast, food remnants from dinner make me want to run for the hills.

You may be thinking I should clean my house.  You are right friends, I should.  But life happens and so I won’t split hairs over that.  Instead, I will tell you about my dream writing space…

We have limitless funds and have taken a small part of my unfinished basement and created a room with a lock and key.  My room, Mom’s room. Do not enter.

The walls are a peaceful blue color, plush carpet under my feet.  A smallish desk is in one corner facing the center of the room.  There is a chair and ottoman in the opposite corner with a table and a lamp that emits a soft glowing light.  Inspiration adorns the walls in the form of quotes, photographs, remnants of events past.  Tools for inspiration are placed in just the right spots: a container of sharpened pencils and electric pencil sharpener, a book shelf of inspiring poetry, adult fiction, and children’s books. A file for projects I am working on.

There’s only one thing left to do…

Dear Ryan (my husband) and the tv producer of the design show that will come and surprise someone with a room makeover (does that show still even exist?),

Please surprise me with this one small space to call my own.  I will play along and “disappear” with the kids for a whole day, two days, three.  When I come back and the tv camera is following my every move as I look at my new writing room, with shock, I will scream out just the right words of excitement, surprise, and joy.

Please give me a writing sanctuary.  I promise to keep it clean and neat. I will be so grateful.  Please?





9 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 9

  1. Fingers crossed your dream comes to fruition! Loved the humor of how life gets in the way of writing, but then again, life is what writing is all about. Maybe you should just perch yourself on top of the baby paraphernalia and write from a different perspective 🙂


  2. Dana, I was nodding right along with you during this slice–my dining room table is Homework Central! When I move later this year, I’m planning to make space for an armchair in my bedroom, and thinking of that as my writing space–a good lamp, a side table to hold journals, pens, and books, a blanket to help me feel snuggled away from the demands of the day–it’s not too much to ask! Here’s hoping that reality show producer (or your husband) answers your plea :).


  3. I want you to have your own room/writing space! That would be so great. (Wouldn’t it make a great HGTV Show. It could be called something like “The Writer’s Den.” I dunno. I stink at titles!)

    Recently, I was watching “Love It or List It” and they put someone’s desk below the alcove of the stairs. It was small, but it was his OWN space. Maybe you need something like that. With a baby gate around it to keep your child OUT. Just a thought.


  4. Virginia Woolf said we needed our own spaces. I tend to write at the dining room table – have piles of paper around me, but it works. I also have a craft room and work there. It is mine though it is cluttered. Must be a teacher thing to have piles of paper! Loved your post! Hope your dream room materializes soon.


  5. Oh your basement writing room sounds dreamy! It CAN happen. I don’t know if you should wait for the TV crew, though. Take a baby step towards your dream. Buy a desk. Yes, buy a desk!


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