Slice of Life Day 13

03.13.15 (Inspired by today’s “Be Inspired” on TWT…thanks Holly and Betsy!


“Dana” means from Denmark and not ONE of my ancestors came from Denmark or probably even stepped one foot into Denmark.  I tell you this because I always wanted my name to have some great meaning. Well, it doesn’t.

I tell people I know sometimes, when this very topic comes up in conversation, that if they EVER, and I mean EVER go to a store with row after row of personalized things, and they find my name, BUY. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. It is with great happiness that I would accept the Dana keychain, Dana stickers, Dana pencils, Dana anything. Never have I gone into a store and spotted my name. Nope. Not once.

The other thing you should know is that I always wanted a great nickname, a shortened version or play on words kind of thing.  Dana doesn’t shorten well…let’s see there’s Da (pronounced Day) Nope. Dan (pronounced Dane, as in Great Dane…a dog breed that while awesome, it’s not my idea of awesome. At all.)  There was a short stint around the time I was 16 when a good friend started calling me “D.” But that didn’t last long.

In the late 80s, Taylor Dayne came out with her first album: Tell It To My Heart and had a number of hits through the early 90s, so when I entered fourth grade in 1989, Taylor Dayne was at the pinnacle of her career.  My teacher, Mr. Threadgill (who we called Mr. T!) had nicknames for every kid in the class and we loved it.  Lucky for me, my nickname became Taylor Dayne.  This is what I always had wanted. And I loved it. Not only did I finally have a nickname, but it kinda made me feel like a rock star!

And wouldn’t you know, what I went on to do in 2005, a mere 16 years later after becoming Taylor Dayne? Yep, give my first born a name she will NEVER find in those racks: Sasha.  Poor girl.  On the up side, Sasha means defender of mankind which is so much better than from Denmark.

If you need my home address, you know…to send me the “Dana” jackpot of personalized things, just let me know! Just joking.  Sort of. Not really joking actually. Not even a little bit.


5 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 13

  1. What a fun post! My daughters friends name is Dana and I am certain she is not from Denmark. So your not the only Dana in the world.I have a neice named Sasha. She is a defender of mankind at the early age of 7.


  2. Oh the pains of names! I so get the desire for key chains, pencils, stickers, little license plates with your name. Mine was never there either. My brothers gave me nicknames I did not like. Never had a nickname that stuck until my friend started calling me LC, my initials, which I used as a name to begin blogging. Hence, elsie. In my world there were rules for naming children, you must be able to find it on a key chain rack. My son is named David. I shake my head when I see the names and spellings parents are giving their babies these days.


  3. Try finding Adrienne on anything! I have a twin sister named Andrea. her name was all over stuff. My father had a nickname as a kid that he hated, so we were not aloud to have nicknames either. On the upside, having an unusual name means no one else in class has it. You are always unique.


  4. I’ve always been able to find my name on a key chain or pencil. Robin isn’t so uncommon that its not available. The importance of a name never hit me so hard until I we picked our daughter’s name, Emma. It’s very common, as it turns out. There are 5 of them in her grade…she’s understanding the name struggles. She’s forever Emma S. in the crowd of Emma’s, standing along side Emma K, Emma M, Emma W, and Emma F. I guess 2005 was there year of the Emma.


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