Slice of Life Day 14




I am setting some professional goals for myself today! For a long time, I didn’t know what my next step would be in my career.  My thoughts seemed to always revolve around getting the next degree and then seeing where that led me.  But, my paradigm is shifting and I am going with it!

In no particular order, THESE are my 20 goals!  I figure that writing them down and putting them out for the world to see is a good step. It sure is ambitious, but anything is possible with perseverance and a little sweat.  Here we go…

  1. Publish an article for teachers about reading
  2. Publish an article for teachers about writing
  3. Publish an article for coaches
  4. Attend the Columbia Teacher’s College coaching institute in NYC
  5. Attend the Highlight Foundation writing retreat
  6. Attend the PA Writing Project Advanced Institute this July (pretty sure I can make this happen!)
  7. Publish a professional book for teachers about reading (submitted a proposal to Heinemann last week…cross your fingers!)
  8. Publish a professional book for teachers about writing
  9. Publish a picture book (submitted two manuscripts two weeks ago!)
  10. Publish a chapter book
  11. Write new lyrics about teaching or coaching and create a funny video parodying a current song and have it get more than 10,000 You Tube hits (wrote the lyrics last night!! Now just need to figure out how to create it!)
  12. Get 100 followers on my blog –I know, shameless advertising- (oh, and have the blog be more than just my Slice of Life writing! Gotta get back to the actual “letters from coach K” part which I only did twice!)
  13. Get 500 followers on Twitter @LitCoachDanaK –OMG, another plug! (I have NO shame at all!)
  14. Write an essay for adults and have it be published by an online magazine
  15. Have a story published in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book
  16. Create, moderate or co-moderate or host, or whatever you call it, a Twitter chat about writing
  17. Be a speaker at the ILA annual conference and have one person (besides my mom or friends ask me to sign their copy of my book)
  18. Be invited to a book store to share my published picture book or chapter book
  19. Add to my collection of photos with famous authors I admire who write for teachers (I’ve got me with Stephanie Harvey, me with Georgia Heard, me with Kylene Beers and Bob Probst only, though I have heard so many others speak!)
  20. Be invited to a school to work with teachers and also their students

Okay, so as I read over this list, it is pretty obvious that I want to be known for my writing and for being a teacher of teachers. I’ve got some work to do people!!!


11 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 14

  1. I love this list, as it is very similar to mine. It sounds to me like you have already taken big steps toward many of these goals! Really big steps! I think this list is completely attainable. Really. I giggled at your comments about being shameless. So funny!

    Now, I’ve been sworn to secrecy and cannot reveal any information, but one of your items caught my eye. All I can say is stay tuned for another mid-month challenge next weekend. You may be interested in the prize. Wink wink.


    • Dana,

      Thank you for your kind words…small steps lead to big movement! I bet your list has things being knocked off of it all the time!!! Go YOU! (Power of the Dana’s!!!)
      I am completely intrigued about next weekend’s challenge! The prizes and challenges are so motivating to me! I feel like a little kid hoping to win BINGO!!



  2. Those are great goals! This is your dream board of what you want to happen, and won’t it be exciting when it does happen. I will get to say I’ve been reading her work for a long time. Best of luck on the submitted work.


  3. Great idea! It must feel great to see the items on the list where you’ve already made some progress. This really makes me think about my own goals–good post inspiration!


  4. I always say that once I write it for others to see, then I will do it. So I don’t inform parents of the Publishing Party until I know we can meet it. But then I make it public so I am sure to hold the party. That act of writing publicly hold us accountable. I love how you show so much enthusiasm and passion about reading, writing, working with others and understand the importance of having our ideas be published. Coach K – I’m following you! And if you need a class of 5th graders to try out any work, come work with me!! I teach 5th grade writing at Janney ES in DC! Also, I have attended 2 TCRWP Coaching Institutes…It is definitely worth the $ and time! Both times I learned so much by learning at a NYC school, among the students and a brilliant TCRWP Staff Developer and other brilliant participants!


  5. Looks like a list full of awesomeness! Looks like you have some momentum on it as well, which often seems like the most challenging part of any to-do list 😉
    I’m terrible about self-promoting. It doesn’t bother me much when others do it, I’m just not a fan of doing it myself. I’ve been taking web development courses on Udemy and one of the teachers stated that it’s imperative to have a Twitter account and get followers and this and that, and my eyes rooooooolled haha! But I’m trying. I figure it’ll be more relevant when I have more to offer in terms of wisdom and services 🙂


  6. Great list! Love your ideas and goal. You are now one more follower closer to 500 on twitter! Look forward to hearing more about you and your published works!


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