Slice of Life Day 16



Starting junior high, high school, the first week as a counselor at Camp Taconic, visiting the school where he works during the summer so we can have lunch, his 40th birthday party… Whenever I have entered a situation where my brother Josh was known and I was not, I have always looked forward to the moment when I have gotten to introduce myself as his sister.

You see, my brother has an infectious personality: warm, kind, funny.  Making a generalization here, but most people who know or meet him want to have him as a friend.  He is just that kind of guy.  I have always looked up to him in so many ways. So when I am introduced as his sister, I am proud of two things: having the same genetics and the idea that when people meet me, they assume my awesomeness because they know his awesomeness. (Just joshing you! Get it? Joshing you? That’s his name and it’s like saying, “I’m kidding with you!” Get it? Terrible joke, I know.)

Tonight will be one of those moments.  My colleague and I have been asked to present a two hour talk to a group of teachers working to achieve a certificate in Instructional Coaching at a local university. I should be most excited to have been asked to do this, to give this talk, but some people will be there that know my brother.  He recently presented a K-12 workshop to their entire district at an in-service day not too long ago, keynoting a talk on mindfulness. Honestly, I just can’t wait to say, “You know my brother!”

I also can’t wait to give this talk though, seriously.  It is an amazing opportunity and I must say, I’ve got some awesomeness all on my own, even when you take my big bro out of the equation.




6 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 16

  1. Awww…we love this. What a compliment to him, that you can’t wait for people to know he’s your brother. I’m hoping my kids grow up to feel like this about each other, because it’s pretty much a knock down drag out battle at my house every night! 🙂


  2. You may initially gain credit in the eyes of the listener because of your shared gene pool, but I bet within the first five minutes, they will be sitting up and listening to you (and I don’t even know you except for the thoughtful writing you share daily). Knock it out of the park today!


  3. We have a teacher at our school that has this much charisma. We all love her. To have a sibling like that would be such a gift. To have a sibling who thinks you are amazing is even more of a gift.


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