Slice of Life Day 24


There once lived a city mouse who met a girl mouse and the two fell in love.  They lived happily together until a ferocious feline came along.  This cat was dreaded by every mouse in the land.

Some mice that got chased by the cat were lucky enough to get away and live long lives.  Some, not so lucky. The cat chased the girl mouse every day for a year, making her very tired. The city mouse did everything he could and tried desperately to keep the cat away from his beloved, but there was no hope and one day the girl mouse was no more.  The city mouse thought that his dream for love, happiness, and having a family of little mouse babies was never to be fulfilled.

An hour away in the country, lived another mouse. She too had someone in her life: a rat and she was treated in an unkindly way.  This country mouse one day said, “No more” and sent the rat out of the hole in the wall.  She snuggled her two babies tightly, knowing in her little mouse heart that they would be okay.

The boy mouse from the city was heartbroken and the girl mouse in the country was broken in her own way too, until one day the city mouse and the country mouse met. He made her laugh and always lent a furry shoulder for her to lean on. She, in turn, cared for him deeply. The two became very close very quickly and fell in love and when it was time, the country mouse introduced the city mouse to her mouselings.  The two adored him immediately and he adored them even more.

The city mouse became a country mouse and the four mice became a family.  They were united under mouse law, and one year ago welcomed a new little one: The city mouse’s first baby.  He called her princess and the older babies loved everything about her tiny paws and sweet mouse ears.

Together the five danced each night, under the moon, making new memories.


7 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 24

  1. I need to comment on this. Beeeautiful! Made me tear up…just a little – you know I’m not into that emotional stuff 😉


  2. I have tears in my eyes reading this because I watched this story unfold into the beautiful beginning of a sweet, meant to be family. XO


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