Slice of Life Day 26

I was inspired by the slicer at

Here is what a Pensee Poem is:

Pensee Poem
Line 1: Subject (2 syllables)
Line 2: Description (4 syllables)
Line 3: Action (7 syllables)
Line 4: Setting (8 syllables)
Line 5: Final thought (6 syllables)

I wrote a bunch with a common theme today…

Slice of Life March Challenge

Slice Life
Writing each day
Think, write, typing on those keys
My bed and the night, together
I don’t want it to end

The Baby’s Birthday

First year
Really, she’s 1?
I’ve got so much to get done
Dining room table covered, ugh.
Don’t want first year to end

Soccer Starting Soon

Soccer each week
Practices, games, driving tons
On the field, in the minivan
Don’t want winter to end


So fast
Weeks flying by
Counting down until Friday
From home to work to home, repeat
Childhood must slow down


3 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 26

  1. Life does move at a fast pace! Love your pensees and thanks for the explanation (I’d Googled it before). You know slice writing doesn’t end, it just moves at a slower pace. You can come back every Tuesday and we will meet, read, comment.


  2. I totally relate to your last poem about wanting childhood to slow down. I was actually just saying to my 8 year old today, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could just stay 8 for a few more years?” He didn’t think it sounded as great as I did.


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