Slice of Life Day 27

Have to admit, I am really ticked at myself for only commenting on 1 slice yesterday. And as I mull it over in my head and the excuses fly about, I tell my inner voice to “SHUT UP! STOP MAKING EXCUSES! IT WAS NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT THE PRIZES!” (I mean, I really do love winning prizes…this is why I love the basket raffle experience so much, oh and at a Bingo night, I am like a five year old kid!)

So, instead of excuses, I celebrate…

I am celebrating today for writing 27 days in a row. I have NEVER been able to do that.

I am celebrating today for commenting on at least three other slicers every day for 25 days straight.

I am celebrating that I completed one of the 60+ commenting challenges.

I am celebrating that I set some real professional goals, this month, for myself and finally figured out what I believe is next for me, professionally AND I feel confident in my plans.

I am celebrating that I was inspired by this community and the experience and submitted picture book manuscripts to publishers, one project that I had been “sitting” on for years and another that I wrote and revised (a ton) during the month.

I am celebrating that during the last 27 days I submitted a book proposal to Heinemann and though it may be a long shot, I feel real hope about it!

I am celebrating today with ordering myself some “prizes” on They won’t be official Slice of Life prizes, but they will still be great. (Professional and new picture books “that I must have” recommendations welcome!!!!)

Oh wait…one last celebration…this slicing community…I am a new member of the club but feel like I’ve been here a long time. Thank you for that.


11 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 27

  1. I am always mixed on the use of the prizes to spur commenting in Slice of Life … I know why we do it (although part of me thinks it is just another way for publishing companies to market to us teachers — am I being too cynical? It’s testing season. I am cynic right now) and I know the value of the well-placed comment. But blasting through blogs just to add comments seems off-kilter to me, sort of like the assignment where kid has to write a 500 word essay, and they count each word like it is gold.
    Sorry! I feel like I just brought your whole celebration down a notch when what I wanted to say is, comment when you can and on blogs where the post is worth commenting.
    I love that you are celebrating yourself with a few books.
    Have a great day!


  2. Your slice reminds me of the importance of having a goal (which we all have in this challenge – write daily, comment 3X). After reading your very impressive list, though, I’m reminded of how other things happen when we have goals. YOU have had SO many things happen because of the focus this challenge has given you. Your list inspired me (another thing that happened). I donated the picture book Any Questions? by Marie-Louise Gay as a prize. Look for it to see if you’d like to award it as a prize to yourself. I believe you deserve a prize!!!


  3. YAY!!! This group is an amazing support to me as a teacher! I’m so excited you commented on my blog this morning…so I found your blog! I can’t wait to read more!! Celebrating yourself…that’s the way to go!!! Keep going!!!


  4. I am thinking of treating myself to a “prize” at the end of March too–I will miss out on prizes I think because while I posted every day, two days on vacation, I couldn’t post the links on the 2WT site. But like you, I have gained so much, and feel so welcomed into this community, that I feel like I have already won!


  5. It’s so easy for us to just see the negatives, even if they’re only a small part of the picture. I’m always trying to get my students to understand what they did well on a test, not just what they didn’t do so well. This is a great reminder about keeping perspective!


  6. Dana, I don’t think the commenting will disqualify you for prizes. As I read the “rules” it is only linking your post each day. You can easily go back to a day and comment on slices. The posting by midnight is only on your slice, not commenting. Don’t count yourself out yet, read the form at the end of the month. However, you are a winner, so many reasons to celebrate this month of writing. This group is a virtual writing club and you are now a member, 🙂 .


  7. I thought I read something earlier, that indicated we only had to comment once a day, but now I can’t find that. Although the prizes are nice, I always tell myself that I won’t win anything. Even so, there is always a little part of me that wants to win.


  8. I hear and feel your pain. Yesterday I failed by one minute, yes, one minute in getting my day 26 slice posted. I’m in the northwest and this 3 hour time change is messing with me. I should have, could have posted earlier but I was not pleased with the post. Wanted to wait until we got back from the Oregon beach and make it better. One minute 11:59 and I thought I had it, but “comments closed” when I hurried to post. Sad. Mad. Thought about quitting. However, I’m back in the saddle today, Day 27, and I’m posted. D 🙂


  9. Congratulatons on all you have accomplished! Thank you also for the prizes you have freely given away – the thoughtful posts you have crafted and the generous comments you have left. I, for one, am already a winner because of the giving you and other writers have done.


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