Slice of Life Day 28

I have been thinking lately about the many fond reading memories I have. I am a strong believer that reading memories, whether positive or negative, shape who we are as readers in our adult lives.

Though I can’t recall being read to under the age of five, I know that I was! I do have one very vivid and mildly disturbing memory of making a maze in my brother’s bedroom for the gerbils to run through. The entire maze was made of books standing up and in my recollection, there were a ton of them, books that is! Tons of books = tons of reading going on.

I remember The Sweet Pickles books being delivered to our house on Robin Hill Lane. Hard covered books with different animal characters, A to Z. Gosh, I loved those books.

Trips to Encore Books and Gene’s Books….my parents would always take me to buy the latest: Sweet Valley High, Baby Sitter’s Club, RL Stine, whatever I wanted.

And speaking of The Baby Sitter Club books…there was the one summer at overnight camp when I received the best care package ever from my Mom…a box filled with 30 books from the series. I read those books every second I could that summer at camp, when I wasn’t doing arts and crafts or swimming in the lake.

Both of my parents had stacks of books on their bedside tables from the time I was little. This image is still seen in their house today! My Mom and Dad were the best models for a lifelong love of reading. I consider myself so lucky.

This is why I still read books for pleasure. This is why all three of my kids love to read, even the baby chooses books instead of very LOUD electronic toys. This is why authors are my rock stars!!


6 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 28

  1. You received 30 books while at camp??!!?? Wow — what a care package! I recently had the privilege of hearing Joy Cowley speak and she echoed this message: kids learn when experiences are pleasurable. And when they aren’t, they don’t. While fun certainly isn’t the bellwether indicator for teaching reading, pleasure is. Do we always know what our kids like to read? I love that your parents were such positive role models of what a reading life truly is. 🙂


  2. When you launched into the gerbil maze story, I was afraid there might be an accident coming up. Glad they navigated the maze with no unfortunate circumstances arising. It is fun to think back on our book memories. Loved reading yours!


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