Slice of Life Day 30


One of my favorite picture books is Yes Day! By Tom Lichtenheld and Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  The story is about a kid who gets to ask for and eat anything he wants and his Mom answers “yes!” all day long. I have dreamed about giving my own kids their own “Yes Day” but I haven’t been brave enough, yet! HA!

So, this makes me think of my own Yes Day!  What would it look like?

My Yes Day! would definitely be in Ventnor, NJ a shore town between Atlantic City and Ocean City.  My in-laws rent a place there every summer for the whole summer.  The day would start with me sleeping in, then getting up to a leisurely breakfast of good bagels (not like the ‘eh ones you get around where I live) and fresh summer fruit.

Next, I would go for a scheduled hour long massage.  I would stay present in each minute of it and not let my mind wander to things I might worry about. Afterwards, I would sit on a bench on the boardwalk and rehydrate, sipping icy cold water and watching the waves.

When I would arrive back to the beach house, the cooler and beach bags would be packed and the kids would be already dressed and covered with suntan lotion, a task I don’t particularly enjoy, and everyone would be ready to go. We would walk the couple blocks to the beach and our area would get all set up with no drama!

The younger kids would be whisked away to the water while Sasha and I would search the sand for seashells for as long as we wanted, our favorite swirly shells would be found in abundance.  Then she and I would go out into the deeper waves together to swim.

Lunch of turkey, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on rye bread would be eaten as the giant plastic tub of bad-for-you snack mix would be passed around.  Then in the shaded comfort of our beach umbrellas, we would watch Sasha, Gabby and Chase play in the sand.  We would all go down to the water next and splash around.  We would ask another beach goer to take some quick family photos and then play some more.

My in-laws would help get Gabby to nap on the beach and entertain the other two kiddos while Ryan and I took a long walk, hand in hand.  Before turning back to head to our beach site, we would stand at the water’s edge, his arms wrapped around me, and we would talk about how lucky we are.

Back to the chairs to play with the kids some more.  Then Ryan would take them into the water while I laid in my beach chair enjoying the quiet and the sound of the waves and maybe even read some of a book.

Packing up, heading back to the house, showering the kids would go by with such ease.  Then everyone would nap.  There is nothing like a nap after a day at the beach.  The kids would all sleep then Ryan and I would fall asleep with his arm draped over my side, air conditioner blasting.

Out to dinner, all 7 of us, to Bocca’s for a relaxed meal.  Then ice cream at Sun Daze…my favorite…chocolate chip cookie cone with cookie dough ice cream. So good. Mmmm….

Back to the house, all three kids to bed, then a late night stroll on the beach for Ryan and I.  Then sleep for us.  The perfect Yes Day!


3 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 30

  1. I enjoyed reading about your “yes day.” I will not only have to try this myself, but I look forward to trying it with my students. Thank you for sharing:)


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