Slice of Life Day 31


I adore baking. I am not a recipe creator, I am a recipe follower, a Pinterest junkie.  If you could graph the ease of making a dessert and the level of deliciousness and find the highest place where those two factors exist, you will find me in that space.  And when it comes to signing up to make something for a party or event, I always offer to make dessert.

I just love the process of laying out the ingredients, measuring and mixing everything together, placing the dish in the oven or fridge and waiting until it is done. What I can’t get enough of though, is cutting up each slice, laying them perfectly spaced on the platter, and then placing said platter on the table.

It is the action of people placing that slice on their plate and taking that first bite that is the most rewarding. Their eyes light up, they make this odd moaning noise from the back of their throats.  They can’t talk for a minute as they savor that first taste and I relish in watching the whole experience!

This is akin to writing for me.

I adore writing.  I am a writer.  I can say it out loud and proud. When it came to signing up for the March Slice of Life challenge I was hesitant that I would complete it, but I did.

I have just loved the process of thinking through my brain, pulling from my heart, tugging at my soul for the perfect idea, when the ideas flow and the creativity is present in all the right places.  What I can’t get enough of though, is submitting each slice, rereading and revising up to the very moment when I click “Publish.”

It is the action of people reading and commenting on my words that is most rewarding.  Their words make my eyes light up, happy noises come from my mouth.  Sometimes I can’t talk for a minute because I am savoring a particular one for the way it lifts my spirit and my confidence.

Both kinds of slices are good, but once the slices of dessert are eaten, they are gone.

But, the Slice of Life writing moments…ah, they are here to stay.  They are preserved in the teary eyed words of a saved voicemail from my Dad thanking me for his 65th birthday gift writing from SOL day 12.  They are in the email of gratitude from my big brother thanking me for the writing I did on SOL day 16.  They are in the Facebook post by my husband, a man who is not fond of  public Facebook words of affection, when he shared my story on SOL day 24 and told his friends and mine, “Dana Gansky Kramaroff is an amazing writer. Here is a piece she wrote about our family.” They are in the submitted manuscripts to publishers, in the promise of attending a Highlights retreat in 2015 or 2016, in the connections I have made to so many teacher writers in this community of slicers.

For that, I will take the love surrounding a Slice of Life writing moment over a slice of dessert moment any day.

Thank you to the wonderful ladies of Two Writing Teachers, for this challenge, this space, your encouraging words, and so much more. It has been an amazing month.

And a special comment to Elsie…you have faithfully commented on my slices each day of this challenge.  Wow.  Your feedback has been so encouraging and you are one amazing woman. Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 31

  1. Beautiful words! The impact this writing has on many of us is found in your words: “I will take the love surrounding a Slice of Life writing moment over a slice of dessert moment any day.”


  2. Isn’t Elsie amazing? Her comments have really enriched my experience too. I’m afraid I won’t have time today to write the kind of send-off post for the end of the challenge that I want to because we have grades and comments due tomorrow morning, but you said much of what I’m thinking, and as a fellow baker, I love the dessert analogy!


  3. You have written a wonderful analogy. I love the clarity of the differences though. Writing stays. Isn’t is amazing how we can honor people with words? I hope our paths cross one day at a workshop or a conference. I have enjoyed the peeks into your life and your family.


  4. Thank you Dana for that shout out at the end. I truly love reading and commenting on amazing writing and your work qualifies every time. I loved your analogy to baking dessert too. When someone enjoys my cooking, it makes it taste better to me too. As for writing, the comments are the fuel to keep the writing fires burning and searching for that spark that will bring a reader to a giggle or a tear that slides silently down their cheek. I look forward to peeking into your world on Tuesdays.


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