That Familiar Longing to Ditch the Coach K Title…

I view my job as an instructional coach akin to being the awesome aunt. I get to go into a classroom, do some magic, and then give them back.  There is great beauty in this arrangement.

However, there are certain things that trigger my longing to have my own class again. When I hear about an awesome novel that I would have loved to read aloud to my students, when I grow attached to a class of kids and kinda wish they would adopt me, when it is Valentine’s day and I pass by a room where kids are decorating white paper bags with cut-out paper hearts… These are just a few of the things that bring on that feeling.

Right now, it is a Twitter hashtag that is making me want to hand over my coaching title of Coach K and to go back to Mrs. K. It is #Sstime2wrt, a hashtag that grew from #EDtime2wrt, which grew out of a Voxer conversation with many passionate educators talking about teachers as writers, which grew out of TWT’s Kathleen Sokolowski’s article about that very topic.

The idea for teachers and students to write on post-its was to help take away some of the pressure that a whole page of a writer’s notebook or an entire blank screen holds for most of us!

I LOVE seeing the post-it note writing of the students from the classes of @DalilaE, @ErikaMVictor, @MrsSokolowki; @Frazier1st, @ReidunLee, and @haseltineclass PLEASE follow these educators and read and comment on their students’ post-it writing!

In the meantime, I am just gonna sit over here admiring the student writing and develop a scheme for getting into a classroom to inspire some students with the very fantastic post-its of these educators’ students so they too, can write and share their post-its on Twitter!


2 thoughts on “That Familiar Longing to Ditch the Coach K Title…

  1. Out of the classroom, retired, but running an after school book club. Trying to figure out how to sneak in some writing. My daughter says, “No, it’s a reading club.” I totally get what you say about missing the classroom. A high point of my January was launching some 6th graders into their first slices while I was substituting. Keep figuring out how to inspire those students. Maybe we should do Post-it notes about our reading for the week! Just thinking . . .


  2. I bet you could inspire some classes to join in the post-it jottings. You have examples to show and maybe you could find some cool shape post-its that beg to to written on. It is the heart of the true teacher who longs for a class of their very own.
    BTW, your link does not bring readers here. I bet that’s why not too many have posted comments. 😦


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