Valentine’s Day LOVE

The Valentine’s Day party is one of my favorite days of the school year…

white paper bags decorated with purple, red, and pink hearts,

the excitement of the kids when they bring in their cards,

watching them read their own handwriting and then the names on the bags and delivering each one,

treats –

pink frosted sugar cookies,

red juice in red cups,

conversation hearts spread on napkins, occasionally falling to the ground throughout a rip-roaring game of Valentine Bingo,

then the opening of the cards,

begging voices, “Can we eat our candy? PLEASE?”

the clean up,

the sugar high,


buses being called,

more clean up,

the sigh of relief that it’s over.

Maybe a class will adopt me. I miss it – having my own. I would even make my white paper lunch bag Valentine Day card holder just to get those twenty-something cards to open and get those sugar-high hugs.

That’s it. I’m crashing one of my teacher’s parties. Better check my schedule and see where I will be Friday afternoon, let ‘em know I am showing up for the festivities!!!


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