Don’t “Knock on Wood.” Ever.

“I never get the stomach flu!”

a phrase I should have


spoken aloud

for anyone to hear.

Knocking on wood


my fate,

my bad.

From my mouth, “I will be fine.”

“Don’t be a martyr.”

the words

spoken by my

caring husband

in his call

from work.

He arranged it all –

my dad arriving

to rescue me

so I could take care of

only me

and not the three small



in my house.

In bed at ten

asleep until four

with only a couple knocks at the door

for saltines

and water to sip.

A slice of my life I can easily wish away

except for the reminder that my husband (and dad) are more than

a okay.


5 thoughts on “Don’t “Knock on Wood.” Ever.

  1. Hope this has passed and you are on the mend. Good thing your germs don’t pass through the Internet. 🙂 Thank goodness you had rescuers!
    Thanks for the compliment on Twitter chat tonight. 🙂


  2. Hahaha! I hear you! How many times have I started to say the same thing, caught myself and then ignored the thought? More than I can count. What we focus on is what happens, if that makes sense. Hope you’re completely cured by now!


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