Big Plans

As I write my first March Slice of 2016, I think about writing and all things related to my writing life and particularly my writing office, well, soon-to-be writing office.

I’ve got plans, big plans…for a little space.  I’ve got to face the facts, it’s a very little space.  But, it will do. It will make the perfect writing place.

We have two dormers on the second floor of our house.  One is in my oldest daughter’s room and the other is in the hallway.  It is what some might say is, a dead space, but we have made use of it over the years.

At first, it was where our dog’s crate was and the place she slept all day long when we were out.  My favorite memory of coming home was the thump, thump of Dobby’s tail as it hit the metal sides.  She shredded towels and chewed up dog beds every single time, but it was her cozy spot when her humans were absent.

When Dobby was gone, the space laid empty for a long time.  It was a sad sight, until one day the dormer became the “Dobby Memorial Library.” We lined either side of the space with baskets of books and the kids would lay in there and read.  The perfect book nook.

But the book nook got out of hand and it got messy and soon there was nowhere for any kid to lay down.  Enter, my idea.  My selfish idea.  I say selfish because one must disband the “Dobby Memorial Library” in order to make a writing office and well, sometimes you have to sacrifice the kids’ wants for your own.

It isn’t as bad as it sounds though. We have a hallway closet that is filled with nothing important so that’s part of the plan, to empty it and to put the baskets of books in there.  Goodbye book nook, hello Dana’s writing office! (Don’t judge…my oldest has her own book nook dormer in her room and my middle guy has the space under his bunk bed and since we have books in every room of our house I have let go of the guilt!)

Let me tell you more about my little plan.  The space is 3.5 feet by 8 feet.  And there’s a window.  It is big enough for a small IKEA desk to fit right in front of it.

I think I can fit a comfy chair and maybe a small bookshelf or some hanging shelves.

Oh, and it needs drywall and a door so it can be closed (and locked – hee hee!!)  A space just for me.

This is my plan and it’s a good one.  Now, I just need to make it happen!

Happy Slice of Life March 2016 to all!




11 thoughts on “Big Plans

  1. It sounds like a great plan! I believe Dobby would approve! I LOVE the “Dobby Memorial Library”!! Maybe that shelf of your books could have a little plaque with that name. These intentional small spaces are always the most fabulous! Happy building!


  2. That is a great plan! Small spaces are sometimes best because they can stay dedicated to their task. My crafting/sewing/writing/office space is a multi-tasker and I sometimes need to clean it up just so I can use it! (And then I have no time to use it.)


  3. Thank you Dana, for a lovely early Tuesday morning read. I wonder if the tiny writing space needs drywalls, or if those floor-to- ceiling walls will close off the creative energy. Either way, I love that you are trying to make good use of all the off spaces often found in homes, spaces you never quite know what to do with or how to decorate…


  4. Sounds like the perfect cozy place for writing, Dana! It’s always interesting how places evolve from one thing to another as our needs and families change. Have fun writing this month!


  5. Get going on your project as soon as you can. I can almost imagine Dobby sitting at your feet while you write. I have a small dormer that is my reading nook. We all need a room of our own


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