Scary Stories and a Story of Hope

This weekend, I watched the movie Room. I had read the book months ago.  What a scary story that was and though I made it through the whole book, I could not bear to watch the whole movie.

I am a worrier and this movie just reminds me of all the horrible things that happen in this world.

You see, I watched two shows on television during my formative years that I can truly say shaped how I am as a woman and a mother and as I watched that movie, I remembered…

Rescue 911 was a show of small vignettes of children and adults falling into terrible, dangerous, life threatening situations and Unsolved Mysteries was a show of small vignettes of children and adults being involved in terrible, horrible crimes.

Two shows. The stuff of nightmares. Sometimes I don’t even know how I function with all those stupid episodes running through my head.

In another part of my weekend, I stumbled upon a Facebook post about Little Free Libraries. I spent a lot of time reading about people who set up these tiny libraries around their community and felt so inspired that I brought a couple friends into a conversation about starting some in our district.  I brainstormed the whole thing out in a Google Doc and shared it with my “committee.”

I am a wonderer and this project pushes me to think of all the possibilities.

You see, I love the idea of spreading the joy of reading around and making these little libraries available to children and adults, alike. I am inspired to make this happen.  What an honor it would be to do so.

One project. The stuff of awesomeness. Sometimes I don’t even know how we function as a society without all these amazing people running through our communities.

And can we just talk a moment about the contrasts here? My weekend. Partly filled with thoughts of this movie and all the scary things out in the world and partly filled with thoughts of this project and all the humanity and goodness out there.

Seems to me that it is just a beautiful reminder that amidst all the bad things that happen, there is LIFE and I’ve got to believe that there are more good people than not so good people.

(Especially, when it comes to voting for our next president, please let me be right on this one.)

To learn more about Little Free Libraries click here:


5 thoughts on “Scary Stories and a Story of Hope

  1. It is funny how we remember those shows from long ago. I’d never thought of them as shaping me, but reflecting on them, in a way they did. I love how you compare and contrast the ideas in your post. Good luck with your Little Library!


  2. I love how these two extremes are both variations of “what ifs”–and I’m glad you were able to pour your heart into the one of hope! Good luck with your Little Free LIbrary–such a cool concept!


  3. I can often read things that there is no way I can watch on the screen. The vision in my mind’s eye is somewhat protected. Great slice. I recommend following little free libraries on Facebook or Pinterest. They often post some amazing designs.


  4. Your contrast of the worrisome, along with the uplifting seems to me the challenge of each day. I am committed to keeping my balance tipped to the positive, so I appreciated the weighing you did in this slice, and that you ended with the positives. Love the little library concept. Good luck with your wondering initiatives!


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