This Blank Screen

This blank screen overwhelms me today. The cursor blinks – write – write – write – write

My list of numbered ideas is uninspiring.

Some days are like this.

The brain runs through possibilities and the writer shoots each one down.

The kids? No.

Yesterday’s work in third grade? Nope.

The halfway point of March Slicing? Nah.


And now I feel silly for doing the “I don’t know what to write about” slice.

Is it too early to be out of ideas?

No, it’s not.

It’s just that no small moments will come to my mind, none seem worthy.

Today needs to be about paying attention, being more mindful, slowing down.

Today needs to be about having my writer’s notebook by my side.

And if the blank screen is too much, I will fill a single post-it note.

5 thoughts on “This Blank Screen

  1. The post-it note always seems easier than the screen. It’s smaller, more manageable. We can fill that, right? Some days it’s hard to find the inspiration, but you did it – even by writing about not having the inspiration!


  2. I’m fascinated when the “drive-time” topic or thoughts is later discarded for a better topic. My ideas list keeps growing as I keep noticing “different” things in life or slices. So thankful to find more and more ideas around me! And the good news is that you are literally past the midpoint of the March Challenge!


  3. The days when I know what I will write before I sit down are so rare. I know I will have my empty day (some might say that some of my slices should have been empty days), but you expressed your thought process well. Some days are just like that!


  4. Don’t allow that cursor to blink, instead think wink. It winks because it knows you have stories that surround you. You will find them and then you and the cursor will be friends again.


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