The Me I Dream To Be…

(Inspired by Kathleen Sokolowski’s post: )


The me I dream to be is unafraid of putting her writing out there, not the slice of life writing, but the picture book manuscripts she has been working on, for others to read without feeling like everyone will think she can’t actually write.

The me I dream to be is confident all the time about what she knows and what she helps others learn without doubting she is smart enough.

The me I dream to be says yes to taking on new things ONLY when saying yes means no unnecessary stress.

The me I dream to be is less hard on herself and more forgiving. She is less about personal guilt-tripping and more about reflective up-lifting.

3 thoughts on “The Me I Dream To Be…

  1. Yes, be the you you dream to be filled with confidence, faith, and positive affirmations. Hoping to see your picture book on the shelves of libraries and stores and above all in the hands of readers.
    Your writing is sincere, engaging, and eloquent.


  2. Do it. Be you! I’m all about that. The thing with putting your picture books out there is that some people will love them and some won’t. that’s because it’s art and not because your amazing or terrible. Put it out there. Writing is such a learned and shared art. I have faith in you!


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