When it Is Time, Say Goodbye

I threw out my old hair dryer. It was around a long time.  Each time I used it I would think about how badly it worked. I don’t know why I held onto it for so long, why anyone would keep something around that never lived up to the promises it had made (on the box) when it was shiny and new.

It would take an extra-long time to dry my hair.  In fact, it took so long that I would be envious of the dryers in hotels that worked so well. I would think how much better it would be to dump my old one but something always held me back.

Was it the money? Was it the comfort of something familiar? Was it the fact that it had just become part of my life and I had accepted it for what it was?

Perhaps it would have been better if I had received an electric shock to my hand or if the blasted thing had lit fire to my hair.  Then I surely would have let it go in a second. With finality, I would have kicked that thing to the curb and never looked back.

There is something satisfying about throwing the past away into a white plastic bathroom trash can.

I replaced it with a purple dryer with attachments and high power. I used it for the first time and felt free, liberated, like a new woman who had been living with a terrible dryer for too many years and never realized how much she was missing.

Sometimes, letting go is best.  It should never be the case that a woman waits for anything to give electric shocks to her hand or for it to set fire to her hair to get rid of a dryer.

A dryer can do a terrible job and that is enough.  A dryer can make terrible sounds in your ear and when it does, say goodbye. A dryer can be a real jerk and that is enough reason to get rid of it.   Never wait. You deserve more.  You deserve better.

Truthfully, I let go of the old “dryer” over five years ago and have had my new “dryer” for four.  He, er… I mean, IT, is a good one and is there for me when I need it.

4 thoughts on “When it Is Time, Say Goodbye

  1. Oh, I love the ending, Dana. One word and you let the reader know that you are perhaps talking about something (or someone) else – not just the dryer! It is true that we have trouble letting go, even when we know that we should. Loved the line about “never living up to the promises it made when it was shiny and new.” Great piece!


  2. You have a real talent for surprise endings where you let us know what you are really talking about. I think you’ve done this on a few of your slices.Thanks for sharing, Dana, and I’m glad you found your new “dryer.”


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