My five year old  has been walking around for two weeks with four loose teeth.  When I tell you that these “toofers” have been grotesquely hanging, I am not kidding.

As Saturday’s pick up time was approaching quickly, I had done some prep work with myself.  After all, what were the odds that my son would lose his first tooth before bedtime on Friday?  I had coaxed myself into accepting the fact that it probably would not happen and I was going to be okay. Sometimes you don’t have a choice.

In the final hour, mere moments before tuck in, my Chasey came running into the baby’s room spazzing out, wide-eyed and grinning. I shooed him out as I placed Gabby’s blanket on.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him as I rushed out of her room.  By then, Ryan had walked up behind him and Chase was pointing to the gap in his mouth.

I looked up, whispered, “thank you” then rushed to squeeze that boy, my little boy, as blood pooled on his lip and inside his mouth.

When you share your children, there are many missed moments. You rationalize some by telling yourself things like, “The date on the calendar doesn’t matter, it is the celebration that counts.” But sometimes it does matter and missing holidays, birthdays, and especially the firsts can be a heart breaking side of divorce.

This time I was lucky and I am grateful and if the cards are played right, maybe Chase’s father will get to experience the second tooth falling out.

I just hope his Tooth Fairy pays the same as mine.

Chase tooth

8 thoughts on “Firsts.

  1. What a bittersweet ending. It was good–I just was all wrapped up in the joy and fun of losing a tooth, and then I felt so very sad that that joy and fun must be marred by divorce. This was really well written–and is a fantastic example of all the teensy-tiny ways divorce affects us (I’m married but my parents divorced when I was 18). Really loved it.


  2. That is the best! We put so much energy into our children, that those precious moments are truly that. So, So, happy for you and your ‘Chasey.”


  3. Had to laugh at your final line, because I had the same thought. Glad you were able to be there for the first lost tooth. Four loose teeth at once? Poor kid will be gumming his food for a while if they all fall out.


  4. So glad you got to experience this “first” with him. From the picture, it looks like #2 won’t be too far behind!


  5. Moments like these seem like small things in the grand scheme of things, but it’s also all the small moments added together that really matter. So glad you were able to be there for this one! We’re still waiting for my five-year-old to lose any teeth. There’s a list in his classroom with all of his friends’ names who have lost teeth, and I get updates whenever someone new loses a tooth. His, on the other hand, aren’t budging. 🙂


  6. Who knew a loose tooth could evoke such emotions?!?! Such a beautiful and heartbreaking tale, all at once. I’m glad you got to be part of this experience. What a great picture of a giant (partially) toothless smile!!!


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