A Preposition Poem About the Last Seven Days

Out of the car

Into the house

Through the messy kitchen with dishes stacked high and

Through the family room (which is surprisingly clean!)

Up the stairs I plod

Into my germ infested bedroom

Onto the bed I flop

Under the covers, so cold

Above the covers, so hot

Inside the covers, if feels like a furnace – Yay!

Outside the covers, the sweat is pouring off me

To the bathroom for Tamiflu

Out of the bathroom to go back to sleep



I will spare you from having to read the other preposition poems I could share…

“From Fine to Fever” (Thursday/Friday)

“Through the Doors of Urgent Care” (Saturday)

“Among the Slicer Living, Look I Managed to Write!” (Saturday)

“Beyond the Sickness, I Creep Away” (Sunday)

“Into Circus Mirandus, Thank You for Writing This Cassie Beasely!” (Sunday)

“After the Sickness, I Still Feel Like I Was Just Hit by a Truck” (Monday)

“After the Sickness, I Feel Just Like I Did on Monday, How is that POSSIBLE?” (Tuesday)

“Out of My Mind Because My Face is Oddly Numb” (Tuesday)

“Into the Emergency Room” (Still Tuesday)

“Since My Husband MADE ME Stay Home Today I Will Watch Copious Amounts of Television. Again. I Mean Seriously, How Much More TV Could One Person Watch?” (Wednesday)

“Before I Knew It, March Was Over, as Was Slice of Life 2016 in Which I Wrote 24 of 31 Days, in Which I am Very Proud of!” (Thursday)


Thank you to all the amazingness of the group of ladies that ARE Two Writing Teachers. Thank you for providing this outlet for us. I am so, so grateful.

Also grateful for the comments on my writing that have each moved me and shaped me as a writer and person.

See you all on Tuesdays!

5 thoughts on “A Preposition Poem About the Last Seven Days

  1. The flu is the worst! Feel better soon. And get the flu shot next year. Ever since I had the flu on a school trip to DC, I take a shot. Love the creativity of your piece.


  2. So sorry you were sick Dana! I was hoping that perhaps you were basking in sunshine on spring break with no internet. Love the titles of the other possible poems. Hope you are mending and back in the world of the living.


  3. I’m sorry to read that you’re not feeling well, regardless your preposition poem is really fun. Looking forward to reading more of your slices on Tuesday.


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