Our garage door broke over the weekend and I’ll admit how spoiled I am that I get to protect my minivan from the elements on most days. This morning, I started the engine early. It was below freezing overnight and I didn’t want Gabby and I to be a momsicle and kidsicle when it was time to go.

The two of us finally got out the door and I was grumbling to myself that the windshield was still covered in frost. Gabby, who is four years old, walked up to her door and said, “Mommy, did you decorate the car?” She had noticed the way nature had created snowflake designs. To her, it was beautiful.

She changed my perspective.

Yesterday, I had to have a hard conversation with another adult who had made a derogatory comment about Jewish people. My hands were shaking before and after but in the moment, when I stepped into the arena and said my peace, I was confident and poised. The conversation could have been me lecturing this person but instead, I used the opportunity to teach. I shared my experience. He heard me. I asked him to be an ally and not a bystander when others speak badly of others.

I hope I changed his perspective.



5 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. “Out of the mouths of babes”. I am glad to hear your daughter’s perspective gave you the courage to speak up.This was a beautiful slice that touched my heart.


  2. Your daughter’s comment is one of the reasons children are so wonderful. And I am glad that your change in perspective from her words helped you respond in a helpful rather than angry way to another person’s hateful words. This is an inspiring slice. I’m glad you’ve come back.


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