Slice of Life Day 11


I am such a dork.  I will admit it:  Authors are my rock stars.  I am not ashamed.

I am pretty active on Twitter and also in a Facebook group called, “Notice and Note Book Club” for anyone who has read the amazing book Notice and Note by Kylene Beers and Bob Probst.  If you don’t know the Signposts, you need to know them!  Join the FB group!!!  (Nearly 5000 members now!)

Anyhoo…I posted a couple videos recently on the FB Notice and Note page and today got THE. BEST. SURPRISE. EVER (for a teacher, especially a dorky one like me!)

Kylene Beers, the Notice and Note author herself, wrote a comment TODAY in response to MY video:

And I quote, “Yea! Headed to Verona to work with teachers there on Thursday! Guess what will be shared!”

O.M.G. Kylene Beers says she is gonna share MY video at HER workshop!


(Yep, go on, go ahead…visualize me running around an office with my hands in the air shouting.)

I told you I was a dork. Not ashamed. Nope. Not even a little bit.

The evidence:

Kylene props


8 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 11

  1. Authors are rock stars! Don’t let anyone tell you differently. I (plus about 20 others) spent an afternoon with Kylene at the conference I was at a couple of weeks ago. I invited her (and Katherine Bomer) over for chili, but sadly they did not take me up on it. She is amazing and so personable. I am looking forward to seeing more of her at the All Write Conference in Indiana in June. I am not on Facebook, but now you’ve given me a reason to consider it. She spoke highly of all the teachers who post on the Notice and Note FB page. So cool!


  2. I joined the Notice and Note fb page last year. I created a brochure to use with my students and Kylene made a great comment about it. So I know the feeling! It’s wonderful that you are making videos of your students in action. That is what helps other teachers really see what implementation of something looks like in a classroom. I have a youtube channel and get a lot of visits from people from all over. My videos are mostly about teaching orthography and grammar, although I have a few math ones too. Keep it up. I find that when editing the video, I notice things that I want to talk about the next day. It really aids in being a reflective teacher. Kudos!


  3. OK, so last week I was jumping up and down because Kyleen Beers retweeted one of my tweets. But, you win. This round. Now I have to head over to the Facebook page and check it out!!!

    By the way, I take pictures with famous authors and/or literacy gurus. Not ashamed at all. 🙂


  4. There are just not enough hours in the day. When I open facebook or twitter I usually “fall in” for a couple hours–sometimes more. (There are too many brilliant minds out there.) I do have the book that is full of stickies and dog-eared pages. You are right…authors are rock stars.


  5. I too gush over authors. I’m in awe of their creative genius. Our school has brought in many authors over the years, and I’m just like a little kid, waiting patiently to meet them, and perhaps get the chance to ask a deep question. (“What was your favorite book that you wrote?”) 😉

    Mostly, I love when authors are authentic, and down-to-earth. Wendy Mass, Natalie Lloyd, Amber McRee Turner – yep, those are my rockstars. But because they are so genuine, they are also my friends.


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