The Time I Asked My Almost 6 Year Old Son for a Writing Idea…

Me: What should I write about, Chase?

Him: Me.

Me: What about you?

Him: Me, on the playground!

Me: Okay!


Inspired by Kathleen Sokolowski’s piece from earlier this week! Check it out!
This is the boy.

This is the boy at the start of the monkey bars yelling, “Watch me, Mommy!” with both small hands wrapped around the first wrung, building up courage to leap with both feet.

This is the boy hanging onto my arm begging me, “Push me on the swings, Mommy!” with that pleading voice that contains both the need for my attention and a hint of laziness.

This is the boy going up the slide instead of down and I give him the ‘eye’ and he walks backwards down the slide, his eyes never leaving mine with that smile that says, “Nothing going on here.”

This is the boy, at my side again, begging me for more snacks as if he hadn’t just had more snacks, as if dinner wasn’t moments away, as if he had never, ever eaten before.

This is the boy who is still just a boy with his big blue eyes, two loose teeth, and a crack of the whip sense of humor that is just so darn funny, you can’t believe what just came out of his mouth actually just came out of his mouth.

This is the boy.

Chase 2



5 thoughts on “The Time I Asked My Almost 6 Year Old Son for a Writing Idea…

  1. I love this structure and this piece! I love how you started with the conversation and then built such a loving picture of your son. I may have to borrow this structure one day soon!


  2. This is beautiful, Dana! So loving, it just about brought tears to my eyes. Your descriptions brought me right into the moment. I may be borrowing this structure, too.


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