The Time I Asked my Husband for a Writing Idea

The baby has a cold.

Congestion, low-grade temperatures, chills, achiness, lots of sleepiness, and crankiness all wrapped up in one little package.

It has been since Sunday afternoon.

The baby needs a lot of attention.

Medicine, fluids, special food, extra snuggles.

Since Sunday afternoon, my world has revolved around that baby not feeling well.

The baby is staying home today.

Time to rest, and recoup.

For three whole days, since Sunday – if you can believe it, there’s been a lot of sick-baby drama.

Thank goodness because I am sick and tired of dealing with this baby.

That’s because the baby is FORTY YEARS OLD and his name is Ryan and he is my husband.

The big baby.

Grown men with colds.  Enough said.


He can’t be mad at me for writing this. Nope. No way.

Last night…

Me: What should I write about?

Him: Write about how your husband is sick.

Me: Okay.


12 thoughts on “The Time I Asked my Husband for a Writing Idea

  1. This is hysterical! Even though you mentioned your husband in your “teaser line”, I didn’t catch on. What a hoot! I had to go back to reread it and enjoy it all over again. It’s perfect! I’d love to see a slice about his reaction.


  2. Didn’t see the punch line coming, either! And no, he shouldn’t be mad; he suggested it, after all. Thanks for the light moment in my (literally) dark morning!


  3. This is great. I did not expect it to be your husband, but as soon as I read that I wanted to be sure to tell you that I had the same problem this week. How is it possible that all men are given the same response?


  4. Great piece, Dana. I love the surprise. I really thought you were writing about an infant. Laughed so hard! My husband is the same way! The scaffold you use to frame this piece gently pulls the reader through this poem. Just reread it, and I am laughing again! A great way to start this morning. Your piece is the first one I’ve read. Thank you!


  5. HAHAHA I love this! I was surprised when mentioned you were caring for a 40 year old baby. The dreaded man cold- the agony it causes everyone around him. I can relate to that!


  6. At first I kept waiting for the suggestion from your husband, but then it slowly dawned on me he was the baby. Quite a fun piece that I’m sure will have all women nodding their heads in agreement with you. Man sick – ugh! The worst!


  7. What a great post, Dana! Men are the biggest babies when they are sick. You had me guessing all the way. I kept thinking – wait, I think her kids are a little older. Where did this baby come from? And that is engaging writing!


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