Slice of Life Day 17


Success is measured in moments that stick out in your mind and make you smile for the rest of the day.  I’ve had a lot of these lately in my professional life.  I credit it to working with a group of nine teachers that really show great enthusiasm to work with me, as their coach.

It is such a difference when I walk into the classrooms of teachers that are open to coaching.  They smile, immediately tell me what their kids have done that relates to what I have been modeling.  These teachers’ kids wave their arms wildly at me anytime they see me, “COACH K!!!” These kids know when I am coming, their teachers make a big deal.  The kids know that their teacher is learning too because they are willing to say, “Coach K is teaching me, she is MY coach too!” I am loving these moments lately…

The teacher who admitted she was skeptical about whether or not her students would be able to learn the new strategies I would be teaching, but was incredibly proud of what they had accomplished.  She was surprised and delighted and grateful for the work we were doing.  A moment to remind me that sometimes teachers need me to show them the possibilities and capabilities of their students.

Another teacher, who after I showed him how I develop reading goals for students and then model their goal in small group strategy lessons said to me, “I never really thought to do it that way.” A moment to remind me that even a small tip can make big gains with earning the respect of a teacher.

The teacher that let me run with the writing pieces we were working on, after modeling a number of days in a row. She was open to my suggestions and ideas.  A moment to remind me that when teachers trust in your process they grow and grow and grow.

I am learning that success is measured in moments, not in perfection.


5 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 17

  1. Those small moments add up to monumental learning for us that receive coaching! Even after 20 years teaching, I still thrive on improving my craft.


  2. I am so thankful for the work that all of you coaches do! You sound like my literacy coach…she brings inspiration, fresh ideas, and encouragement with her every time she comes to my room. I’m so thankful for people like you that make the job of the classroom teacher easier and help us be more successful with our kiddos!


  3. I love your final sentence. Moment by moment we grow. Perfection is never the goal. Growth is. Your enthusiasm for your job is admirable. It inspires me to read about someone who loves their job so much.


  4. I’m glad I came upon your slice because I am trying to ease into the role of coach from specialist/interventionist. I’ve been facing lots of resistance. I needed this reminded to look at the moments and slow down. I look forward to reading more about what you do!


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