Slice of Life Day 25


I am a Facebook lurker, a liker, a once-in-a-rare-while commenter but definitely not a poster.  Occasionally, I will share a photo of my kids or the whole family.

So, when the two of us took a real vacation in the first week of January, I am ashamed to admit this, but we never made it “Facebook Official” and it kinda felt like it didn’t really happen.

no comments + no likes = no one knows we went

Other reasons why the trip felt like it didn’t happen:

  1. When we got home, we down played it in front of the kids…we felt a little guilty for going away. All the gory details about riding horses, swimming with dolphins, feeding manatees would have been too much for the kids to handle.
  2. In this world of not developing actual photographs and every detail of our lives being recorded on our smart phones, there is no photographic evidence.
  3. It was so surreal, having an adult vacation with a man I really like and LOVE, that it all felt like a dream.

On Facebook, I didn’t want to advertise, like, “LOOK AT US!!  WE GOT TO GO SOMEPLACE REALLY WARM AND SUNNY AND HAD ALL THIS FUN WHILE YOU WERE AT HOME STARTING YOUR NEW YEAR’S DIET!!!”  That just wouldn’t have been very nice.

My husband and I, for a few weeks after our trip, would call each other up and demand room service.

This was our way of remembering our trip.

Every time we stand at the sink, brushing our teeth, we can see the small painting we watched that man paint for us.

This was our way of remembering our trip.

The promise of printing out photos to place in frames in our bathroom.

This is how we will remember our trip.

Facebook doesn’t make things “official” your memories do.


4 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 25

  1. Love the way you remember your trip, with memories. The best! Of course I’m totally jealous of warmth and swimming with the dolphins in January. I’m not even a Facebook lurker, just never started that.


  2. It is strange how much we want to be “validated” by Facebook likes. I feel the same way! I love the way you tie in your rememberings.


  3. You definitely don’t need to make things “Facebook Official.” I’ve been doing this less and less through the years. Facebook has become less about connecting and more about showing off (and that’s just not me). I guess that’s why I’ve been sharing less too. Going out for date night with my hubby doesn’t need to be plastered across everyone’s feed for it to be official!


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