#Onelittleword 2017

A little reflection first…My one little word for 2016 was gap, no not the store, though when I thought about getting that word engraved on a piece of jewelry, I worried people would think I was a big fan of their jeans or shirts or something. (Major flashback to being dropped off at the mall at age 14 and hitting the Gap but never actually buying a single thing.)

 Okay, I’m back. 

So gap…I chose that word because I wanted to increase the gap between things that happened and my reaction to those things. 

 I thought this would be helpful in my mindfulness practice, in the way that I parent my children, at work. 

 I also wanted to increase the space between finishing a writing piece and thinking it was done before immediately sending it off for feedback. 

 I was able to put space between some things in my life before reacting and could have done better in other areas. I am a work in progress and that is how I think about my writing now–a work in progress.  

 Now, I am ready for my new #onelittleword.

 For 2017, my word is: Oxygen

 A friend reminded me a few weeks ago that there’s a reason why the oxygen masks come down and the adult is supposed to take care of their own needs first before assisting the children. She suggested that you have to give yourself the oxygen first so you can be your best. Well, did I need that reminder!

Oxygen is about breathing in. It is the reminder that I must breathe in, be present, and practice mindfulness.

Oxygen gives life. It runs through our blood and the air we breathe. It is everything. In so many ways, I am the Oxygen in my house–intertwined so closely with the lives of the four other people in my house. I must remember this. When I am at my best, the family seems to be at their best. However, I must remind myself that I am not responsible for their Oxygen all the time. They’ve got to breathe it in on their own.

 Creativity and my writing are part of my survival. Like Oxygen, without it, I am lost. I have to remember that.

I am not making Tuesday SOL a resolution, but I am going to try to breathe life back into my blog once in a while.  Today is a good start.

Be well, friends.


4 thoughts on “#Onelittleword 2017

  1. “When I am at my best, the family seems to be at their best. ” I LOVE this line. I think you can substitute lots of things for family, too: When I am at my best, the ________ (classroom, cleanliness of my house, etc.) seems to be at their best.


  2. I remember reading that piece about the oxygen mask and thinking, she is so right! This is a very thought-out word which influences so many things. Great reflection! I look forward to seeing where this takes you in 2017.


  3. Great word for 2017. There are so many things that might make us choke or gag, we need to remember to breathe in! Oxygen is a life force, and so are we to so many others, including ourselves.


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